Cerbos v0.23.0

This is a quick release containing some usability improvements and fixes to bugs discovered since the release of v0.22.0.


The Cerbos CLI (cerbosctl) now supports using zip files for loading policies and schemas through the Admin API. This streamlines the process of exporting policies and schemas from the Cerbos Playground into your own Cerbos instance.

It is now possible to set scopes for PlanResources requests made through the Go SDK. We have also re-written some code that accidentally relied on Go 1.19 features so that the SDK remains usable for users who have not yet upgraded to Go 1.19.

The generated query plan for certain indexing expressions is now much simpler. A query plan bug that manifested when known values were used to index into unknown containers has also been fixed.

The error message produced when users try to use the audit log while it’s not enabled is now more informative.


Bug Fixes

  • Known resource attribute as an index into a struct (#1351)

  • Rewrite log level change without Go 1.19 features (#1350)

  • Set scope of the plan resources request (#1347)


  • Clearer errors when trying to query audit logs (#1342)

  • Optimize membership test expression having index into struct (#1353)

  • Support zip files in cerbosctl put (#1343)


  • Add link to git-sync (#1344)

  • Add recipe link to admin API demo (#1338)


  • Bump version to 0.23.0

  • Disable CGO for "all" make target (#1341)

  • Enable LFS for snapshot build (#1352)

  • Update go deps (#1337)

  • Update go deps (#1348)

  • Update golangci/golangci-lint-action action to v3.3.1 (#1349)