Run from container

docker run --rm --name cerbos -p 3592:3592

By default, the container is configured to listen on ports 3592 (HTTP) and 3593 (gRPC) and watch for policy files on the volume mounted at /policies. You can override these by creating a new configuration file.

Create a directory to hold the config file and policies.
mkdir -p cerbos-quickstart/policies
Create a config file.
cat > cerbos-quickstart/conf.yaml <<EOF
  httpListenAddr: ":3592"

  driver: "disk"
    directory: /quickstart/policies
    watchForChanges: true
Launch the container with the new config file.
docker run --rm --name cerbos -d -v $(pwd)/cerbos-quickstart:/quickstart -p 3592:3592 server --config=/quickstart/conf.yaml