server Command

The server command starts the Cerbos PDP.

Starts the Cerbos PDP
The config flag is required. Configuration values can be overridden by using the set flag.

  cerbos server [flags]


# Start the server
cerbos server --config=/path/to/config.yaml

# Start the server with the Admin API enabled and the 'sqlite' storage driver
cerbos server --config=/path/to/config.yaml --set=server.adminAPI.enabled=true --set=storage.driver=sqlite3 --set=storage.sqlite3.dsn=':memory:'

      --config string              Path to config file
      --debug-listen-addr string   Address to start the gops listener
  -h, --help                       help for server
      --log-level string           Log level (default "INFO")
      --set strings                Config overrides